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Read about Animal Rescue Marketing 's founder, Marie Macaspac and her dog Ocean Blue. Marie is also the Marketing Director of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco, CA/

About Marie Rochelle Macaspac

Marie Rochelle Macaspac started the website AnimalRescueMarketing.com as a resource for animal rescue advocates, providing marketing advice on fundraising, SEO, blogging, design and social media for the animal welfare community. Marie is the founder and CEO of Switchblade Creative Studios, a design and marketing agency that specializes in work with nonprofit organizations and socially responsible businesses. Animal Rescue Marketing caters to animal welfare organizations and advocates to offer the best strategies in our mission to save animals.

Marie started her life as an animal advocate when she was eight years old. She signed up by good ol' snail mail to join PETA and ASPCA, and since then she has only expanded her advocacy efforts. Marie started serving the animal rescue community in San Francisco as both a volunteer and professional in 2006. She currently directs the Marketing & Communications for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue and has held this role since 2008 (the majority of this time as a volunteer).  She has been instrumental in bringing widespread attention to the senior canine cause and proudly has helped Muttville in its successful growth and expansion. She is responsible for the accolades Muttville receives when its marketing efforts are noticed – Muttville’s website, the design of Muttville’s merchandise, concept development and design collateral for events, campaigns and promotions, and the social media strategy behind its popular Facebook page  – these are just a few examples. She team leads the Marketing volunteers, overseeing video production, photography, and design, working with other people who give their creative talents for the love of senior dogs.

Marie continues to expand this role for Muttville, and through Animal Rescue Marketing, she shares her proven tactics and strategies to help animal rescue groups, shelters, and organizations across the world reach equal successes.

Marie's passion is an inspiration to many within Muttville Senior Dog Rescue and beyond. When she isn't "working", Marie is also known for fostering over 60 dogs (and counting!), as well as being a caregiver for special needs and hospice dogs whose end is near. 

A few of Marie's recent accomplishments:


Marie's sidekick, Ocean Blue:
"In 2011, after 4 years as a foster mom,  I decided to adopt my 40th foster dog, a 9-year-old Border collie/Aussie mix. I named her Ocean Blue.  She was a stray street dog in Modesto, CA, found emaciated and bald, and likely had been living on the streets for a year or more before being rescued by Muttville. Today,  Ocean Blue is a proud Muttville volunteer and the model for many of ARM's positive message ads in support of rescue and the senior dog cause."